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Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset | Sasha Bell

Our #1 Go-To Spring and Autumn Lightroom Preset. 

This Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset is ideal for:-

  1. Spring, Autumn, Photography
  2. Indoor
  3. Still Life
  4. Nature
  5. Portraits
  6. Animales

What Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset Will Do:

  • add a soft golden tone to your photograph.
  • gently increase the brightness and contrast.
  • reduce the cool tones in your photograph.

Watch the Demo Video

Watch our demo video of Golden Colouring to see it in its glory!

Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset – DEMO from Olivia Bell on Vimeo.


Golden Colouring Lightroom Presets Versions

This Lightroom Preset is available as:

  • Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset – this includes 1 Lightroom Preset
  • Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset QUEEN Pack – this includes 5 Lightroom Presets.
  • Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset KING Pack – this includes 10 Lightroom Presets.

The QUEEN Pack includes:-

A total of 5 Lightroom Presets.
  • Golden Colouring: ORIGINAL 
  • Golden Colouring: Breezy Chill
  • Golden Colouring: High Contrast
  • Golden Colouring  Pink Pop
  • Golden Colouring: Vibrant Green

The KING Pack includes:-

A total of 10 Lightroom Presets.
    • Golden Colouring: ORIGINAL 
    • Golden Colouring: High Contrast
    • Golden Colouring: Breezy Chill
    • Golden Colouring: Pink Pop
    • Golden Colouring: Soft Glow
    • Golden Colouring: Super Bright
    • Golden Colouring: Sweet Honey
    • Golden Colouring: Vibrant Green
    • Golden Colouring: Vignette
    • Golden Colouring: Vintage


Take a look at the images above, they speak louder than words.

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