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I’m a Stag – Extra Photographs | Sasha Bell

For my 365 project I did a Self-Portrait Stag Jump.

I also tried some other jumps before I did the stag jump and I thought I’d share them with you!

Above are the outtakes, the first is the one I chose for my 365. At the end you will see some sunset photographs – I took these about 20 minutes after we did the jump. Amazing!


Jump Tips

I get a lot of requests for Jump Tips. So here are some I thought you would find useful!

  • Wear shorts or jeans as 90% of Skirts will fly up!
  • Have a clear image in your mind, of what you want the jump to look like.
  • Tie up your hair, or have it down, or wear sunglasses on your head or just tie part of your hair up. If you don’t, 90% of the time your hair does crazy things and will likely cover your face.
  • Don’t wear shoes. Jumps look so much more carefree without them! BUT if you do have to wear shoes, wear light colour shoes – that why you won’t really see them.
  • Think of something happy or whatever emotion you are trying to express when you jump.
  • The best expression to have is have your mouth closed and maybe gently smile 🙂
  • Point your toes when you jump. Every little detail is important, and everyone notices pointed toes!

These tips are simple but it can take time putting them into practice. When you take these tips and put them into action you will find these tips very helpful!

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