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Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset | Sasha Bell

Our #1 Go-To Spring and Summer Lightroom Preset. 

It is the perfect Lightroom Preset for Spring and Summer Photography.

It works on:-

  • Spring Photography
  • Summer Photography
  • Autumn/Winter Photography, however best used for spring/summer.

This Lightroom Preset is ideal for:-

  • Still Life
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • Portraits

What this Lightroom Preset will do:-

  1. It will soften harsh-light photographs.
  2. It will give your flat light photographs a gentle “afternoon glow” to give them some edge.
  3. It will add a gorgeous “soft afternoon glow” effect to your photography.

Watch the Demo Video

Watch our demo video of Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset to see it in all its glory!

Photographs using Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset

Soft Afternoon Glow Versions

Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset is available as:

  • Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset – this includes 1 Lightroom Preset
  • Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset DELUXE Pack – this includes the Original Lightroom Preset and 10 Luxurious Versions for Amazing Results.

The DELUXE Pack includes:-

The Deluxe Pack includes the Original Lightroom Preset and 10 Luxurious Versions:

  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Original
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: 1/2 Vignetting
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: 3/4 Vignetting
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Cooler
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Cucumber or Honey
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Dark
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Darker
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Lighter
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Sunshine
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Vibrant
  • Soft Afternoon Glow: Vibrant & Darker


“I recently downloaded the Soft Afternoon Glow preset for Lightroom – I’ve used it and I love this preset!”

– Bethany Giannini

“I cannot stop digging out old photos to process with my new preset pack for lightroom- all the presets are amazing. I especially love love love soft afternoon glow and vibrant colours. WOW! Thank you thank you! Best present to myself for awhile. Upload more please!”

– Parker Jeffery

“Just love my new Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset.”

– Katy Jones

“The tones of my photos are SO much better when I use Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset thank you Bell Sisters!”

– Tatti Alexandras

“Really really love all my presets in your “Presets Pack” but your Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset is my all time love!!”

– David Button


Get Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset on The Bell Sisters NOW.

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