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The ULTIMATE Lightroom Presets Package | Sasha Bell

The Ultimate Lightroom Presets Package is a pack of 87 Lightroom Presets.

This Ultimate Lightroom Presets Package Gives YOU the Luxury of Having All Our

Lightroom Presets at Your Fingertips.


As you will know, every photograph is different, so each one of these 87 Lightroom Presets will cover all styles of photography and processing techniques.

16 Lightroom Preset Packages = 87 Lightroom Preset Variations

Click on a link to see more information about each Lightroom Preset in this Lightroom Preset Pack and what it can do for you.
  1. Blue Haze Lightroom Preset – 2 Variations
  2. Black & White Purple Tint Lightroom Preset – 1 Variation
  3. Black & White Lightroom Preset Pack – 4 Variations
  4. Black and White Milk Chocolate Lightroom Preset – 1 Variation
  5. Cold Blue Lightroom Preset – 1 Variation
  6. Fresh Tint Lightroom Preset (KING Pack) – 10 Variations
  7. General Adjustments Lightroom Preset Pack – 5 Variations
  8. Golden Colouring Lightroom Preset (KING PACK) – 10 Variations
  9. Natural Vibrance Lightroom Preset – 1 Variation
  10. Purple Glow Lightroom Preset – 3 Variations
  11. Rainbow Lightroom Preset (DELUXE PACK) – 9 Variations
  12. Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset (DELUXE PACK) – 11 Variations
  13. Violet Haze Lightroom Preset – 3 Variations
  14. Vibrant Colours Lightroom Preset – (KING PACK) 14 Variations
  15. Winter Lightroom Preset – 1 Variation
  16. Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset (KING PACK) – 11 Variations

This 16 Lightroom Presets Package = 87 Lightroom Preset Variations

Lightroom Preset Pack Reviews

“I cannot stop digging out old photos to process with my new preset pack for lightroom- all the presets are amazing. I especially love love love soft afternoon glow and vibrant colours. WOW! Thank you thank you! Best present to myself for awhile. Upload more please!”

– Parker Jeffery

“I follow you on Flickr and eventually caved – just had to get your LR presets pack you mention with your photos. so pleased I did, they’re world class!”

– Kelly

“Just purchased the bundle of Lightroom Presets, so pleased with it. can’t wait for more!!”

– Emily Howard

“The tones of my photos are so much better when I use your Lightroom Presets. Thank you so much!”

– Tatti Alexandras

“Already bought some presets. and I want more…”

– Cary Crusiau

The ULTIMATE Lightroom Presets Package is on The Bell Sisters.

>>>  http://www.thebellsisters.com/collections/lightroom-presets/products/the-ultimate-lightroom-presets-package <<<